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Learn the basics of silver fabrication techniques in this 1-day, beginner level workshop. Skills learned include the use of an acetylene torch, soldering, sawing, forging, and texturing. Students will create 4 to 6 pieces of finished silver jewelry. No experience necessary. Materials fee is $35.00.

Project 1: Wire Earrings

learning objectives:

• the feeling of bending and shaping wire to create a mirror image.

• applying a hammered texture

polishing on the wheel

Project 2: Earrings or Pendant

learning objectives:

• applying a texture using the rolling mill

  1. using negative space to create a design element by drilling and sawing

Project 3: Ring

learning objectives:

  1. preparing the metal with fire

  2. the steps of soldering

Project 4: Pendant or Bangle

learning objectives:

  1. more working with fire

  2. forging, shaping, and finishing

This workshop makes you eligible for open studio time.

Check out what students have done here.

Silver Saturday or Sunday

One-Day Silversmithing Workshop  $195