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Enamored With Enameling

Jump into the colorful world of enameling with this comprehensive 5 session class. Work with both fine silver and copper while exploring the techniques of sifting, wet packing, sgraffito, stenciling, drawing, etching, and cloisonné with both transparent and opaque colors. Must have completed Beginning Silversmithing or equivalent. Minimum age 13. 

pierced project


Meet your instructors: Kima & Leah

The technique explored in this class:


wet packing





cloisonné with both transparent and opaque colors.

sifting & stenciling

sgraffito bracelet by Angela Gerhard

cloisonné pendants

by Leah Rosen

wet packing by Pam East

sifted earrings

by Kima Blue

stenciled pendants by Blair Anderson

sifted flower ring

by Kima Blue

the possibilites are endless...

This class is team taught by the fabulous Kima & Leah. These two women will have you getting your enameling groove on in no time. Their love of this craft is as infectious as their laughter and positive attitudes.