Silver Passport Workshops


This workshop requires some preliminary preparations before class.

You need to select an image or design that you would like to etch into metal with the intent of incorporating that etched piece into a finished piece of jewelry. This image should be:   

  1. & white

  2. b.if a photo, it needs to be converted to solid contrasts (black & white) no greys

  3. c.Positive should be turned to negative for best results

  4. d.If text is involved it should be the mirror image

  5. e.image should be same size as your metal blank



Doodle for etching drawn w/sharpie


etched silver bracelet from doodle.

etched copper bracelet from doodle.

For 3 Hour Workshop:

What we will cover in three hours:

    The basic steps of etching

    Doodle (illustrative) etch vs. Photo etch

What you will walk away with:

    One metal blank with your finished design etched in it. You can then take this etched image and incorporated it into your jewelry designs in Open Studio.

Material Fee: $15.00

  1. one copper blank

  2. resist paper for image/photo


b & w reversed

b & w reversed w added contrast

using a photo

Note: An etching will only be as good as the original design. The etching process rarely improves a design. Photos need special care to maintain their representational image, and must be of high contrast.

using a drawing

negative of final

(your black and white images should look like this for best results)

transferred onto PnPeel Blue

toner (resist) now transferred to metal

final using a negative     final using a positive

negative becomes this

positive becomes this


In the All Day Metal Etching Workshop you will be able to create multiple etched pieces and/or take a project to completion (example: forming a bracelet after etching.