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Learn the time honored craft of Lost Wax. You will learn to sculpt a ring or pendant (your choice) out of wax with two techniques, addition and reduction (carving & melting). Your wax will be cast in Sterling Silver for you to finish with traditional techniques; filing, sanding, & polishing using a flexible shaft and polishing wheel.

Lost Wax Casting $365

What is “Lost Wax”?

It is the creation of a wax model by carving and heating. This model is then attached to a wax rod or “sprue” and placed on a rubber base. A flask is attached to this creating a well. A plaster-like substance called “investment” is poured into this flask and set to harden. This is then fired in a kiln burning out the wax (hence the name “Lost Wax”) and leaving a hardened mold. Molten metal is then poured into the mold to create the final piece.

Finishing a newly cast piece involves cutting it from its “sprue”. Filing and sanding helps remove unwanted flaws. And finally it is polished or tumbled.

3 Sessions*

Session 1 & 2 we will learn the art of sculpting the model out of wax.

The models will then be cast.

Session 3 will be spent in the finishing.

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lost wax

*Due to the length of the casting process, it is not part of the three sessions. However all students are invited to observe their pour in process by appointment before the third session.