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Continue your journey with Lost Wax. In this class we will explore duplication by replicating an original with the use of rubber molds and wax injection. The use of organic originals will also be explained. Must have completed Intro to Lost Wax. Material fee based on student's design. See what others have done here.

Lost Wax Casting Continued: Mold Making $365

What we will explore...

2 types of molds

    • Rubber Cold Pour

This is the kind of mold that preserves a fragile original like an organic.

    • Vulcanizing Mold

This is the kind of mold that replicates a previously cast item.

Wax injecting your mold

    Once your mold is cured and cut, we will inject it with wax to create your wax for spruing and casting.

Casting and finishing your piece.

    You will be given the option of casting an organic item as your model directly without making a mold or using one of two ways of making a mold from an original

    You will be doing your own investing and be given the option of doing your own molten pour.

Objects that make good casts:

  1. organics like seed pods nuts and twigs

  2. some insects

lost wax continued: mold making