Perfect Projects Workshops


bodacious box ring

Learn to craft a box ring that looks heavy but is hollow inside. If you have taken the Groovy Geometric Beads workshop and want to expand your knowledge of hollow forms to other jewelry types this workshop is for you! The process involves multiple sawing and soldering steps so prerequisite is Beginning Silversmithing or equivalent. Having spent some time in Open Studio is also recommended. Design variations will be discussed. Material fee approx. $20.

secret locket

In this workshop you will create a hollow pendant shaped by the hydraulic press or dapping punches. Your pendant can conceal or expose a secret message, picture or object. Textures and patinas will be explored to make your pendant totally unique. You will use traditional silversmithing skills so you must have completed Beginning Silversmithing or equivalent.

spinner rings

Its a fun piece of jewelry with moving inner rings. Learn how to craft a spinner ring from start to finish and embellish with copper wire, gold, or oxidation. Stamp messages, symbols or textures to create a completely custom ring. Student will have the option of adding a colored stone. This workshop unlocks the mystery of how to assemble the moving parts. Student will complete at least one ring. Must have completed a Silver Saturday or equivalent. Material fee based on student’s choices.

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