alan darby, instructor


Alan Darby

Alan comes to SilverWorks with years of experience as a silversmith with a focus on traditional Native American styles. Both well versed in its history as well as adopting the technique of stamping into his work, Darby is an avid collector of the tools that are used in this dying art form.

When not working on his art you might find him mining for gold in Maryland streams, hunting for turquoise in the southwest, riding his motorcycle, or sitting on top of a roof smoking one of his fine cigars.

A bee keeper in a previous life, Alan is an artist full of surprises with a deep well of insights into the environment and a passion for the natural world that is reflected in his art form.

Alan’s other interests include tool making. Either bringing an old tool back to life in restoration or crafting a new tool from scratch from odds and ends he has over 400 stamping tools in his collection.

Alan Darby

Jewelry Expressions: Stamping & Making Your Own Tools

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