jake vial-golden


Jake Vial-Golden

(languages:  English, Spanish)

Jake is born and raised in NorCal and still considers himself a California kid at heart. After spending much of his mid 20s living and traveling in Central and South America, Jake moved to the DMV for work at international non-profits. Burning out relatively quickly from that Jake needed something to fill his time as he transitioned to something new.

Jake Vial-Golden

Private Instruction with Jake

$60 per hour

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Jake's family has long filled their time crafting and creating things - both as art and as medicine. Jake had not yet found his own niche, but metals (silver specifically!), stones and jewelry had fascinated him from a very young age. With his newfound time he sought out a way to learn more. Coming across SilverWorks and feeling the energies align, he immediately dove in, taking Blair’s courses and spending many hours in Open Studio. Although still quite new to metalsmithing and jewelry making, Jake has found joy and self-discovery in the process of creating and learning. 

Now he brings that joy and energy to the studio sharing his experience as studio attendant for Open Studio and Guided Studio coach for Guided Studio. As studio coach his generous nature is only eclipsed by his signature laugh.

An inclination to fine detail. Jake’s work favors the symmetrical and objects in repetition. You may encounter him in Open Studio creating his fine chains, cages, and hollow forms.