kima meidav, studio artist, instructor


Kima Meidav “Guru Blue”

(languages: Hebrew, ASL (American Sign Language), English)

Kima was born and raised in Israel and attended High School in the United States. Her creative journey began with a BA in Chemistry from the University of South Florida and a minor in Biology. The craft of metalsmithing entered her life, taking a tenacious hold in 2014. Proving herself to be a gifted craftsperson with an extremely buoyant spirit she joined the SilverWorks team as an instructor in 2018. You will find her in the studio overseeing Open Studio, hosting LNOS (Late Night Open Studio), teaching one of the SilverWorks classes or workshops or preparing her own work for her next show.


Guru Blue Designs are inspired by nature, ancient symbols, sacred geometry and all forms of art. Each Guru Blue design is individually handcrafted at the Silverworks studio, and produced at Glen Echo’s historic park with close attention to detail and craftsmanship. Though Kima aspires to introduce Guru Blue to men and women across the nation, her love and dedication will ensure that each new piece remains relevant and timeless.

Past Exhibitions:

GEPPAC Labor Day Art Show 2018

Silver Linings, June 2018

GEPPAC Labor Day Art Show 2017

Romancing The Stone, June 2017

GEPPAC Labor Day Art Show 2016

SilverWorks Studio & Gallery Student Show 2016

Boozart, St. Louis MO, October 2015

GEPPAC Labor Day Art Show 2015

GEPPAC Holiday Art Show 2015

SilverWorks Studio & Gallery Student Show 2015

GEPPAC Labor Day Art Show 2014

GEPPAC Holiday Art Show 2014

5 Years of SilverWorks: A Celebration of Techniques, 2014

Kima Meidav