ruth beer bletzinger, instructor


Ruth Beer Bletzinger

(languages: German, English)

European roots, Ruth grew up and went to school in and around Boston, Massachusetts. 

Ruth joins the SilverWorks team offering her finely tuned skill as both a silversmith but especially as a beadsmith. Her eye for color combination and fine detail culminates in nuanced works of wearable art. Her skill is only rivaled by her gracious and encouraging spirit.

Artist Statement

I’ve always loved theater and the arts.  As a kid and young adult, I took dance and mime classes, even choreographing and performing in a few local productions.  I still dance every day, although only when no one is looking! Making jewelry is like dancing.  You start with an idea, a few techniques, and some basic materials. The result:   A piece you’ve created that expresses who you are.

My fascination with jewelry started as a kid, watching TV reruns of Hollywood’s classic swashbuckler movies. The actresses (well, the actors, too) were dripping with jewels, as treasure chests burst with shiny, rich baubles. It made a HUGE impression! In the early 1990s, I began making jewelry in my spare time. Then, in 2010, after a career in higher education programs and policy, I took the plunge to focus on jewelry-making as a full-time occupation of learning, creating, selling, and teaching…What a joy! 

Ruth Beer Bletzinger

Beading Basics with Ruth Beer Bletzinger