eGift card


The SilverWorks eGift cards are an easy way to give your metalsmithing friend or relative the gift of creativity!

What can the eGift be used for?

  1. open studio hours

  2. materials (metals)

  3. private instruction

What it can’t be used for:

SilverWorks classes or workshops

eGift Cards at SilverWorks

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How does it work?

  1. 1.Pick:

    • your card design

    • the amount of your gift

  1. 2.Fill in:

    • recipient’s name

    • recipient’s email

    • your name

    • your email

  1. 3.Leave a personal message (optional)

  2. 4.Delivery:

    • send instantly

    • send on a future date

  1. 5.Payment:

    • Apple Pay

    • Google Pay

    • Master Pass

    • Credit Card