guided studio $25 per hour


Unlike Open Studio where you work independently, Guided Studio is designed to make you more comfortable practicing your smithing skills under the guidance of an experienced practitioner of the craft.

Eligibility: Must have taken a Silver Saturday, Discover Silversmithing 1 or Beginning Silversmithing at Silverworks

Guided Studio hosts only four people at a time

Smith in a comfortable, laid-back environment

Location: Studio 1 (upstairs)

Offered on specific dates and times.

Save your seat here.

Jake Vial-Golden

Jake Vial-Golden


Guided Studio Coach

Work semi-independently in the studio on your projects. GUIDED STUDIO is Open Studio with a little extra help. This time is set aside for you to come into SilverWorks with the projects that you are working on but may be struggling with or just need some coaching.