Exnihilo Jr Artists Residency Program


Jr Artists-In-Residence:









What is it?

A mini-residency program to encourage college bound students with experience in the metals/jewelry making craft to explore their skills at a deeper level. By having full access to the studio these promising students can practice the craft while learning some of the basics of how a studio is run.

Who qualifies?

Selected college bound high school students that show promise and initiative. These students must be self starters, positive, and be motivated to improve their skills.

How does it work?

1. Studio time.

The awarded student may use the studio at any time during non-class hours.

2. Studio service.

Based on these chosen hours the awarded student must put in one quarter of their time in service in proportion with those hours. (example: 3 hours in the studio 45 minutes of those 3 hours are spent in studio service.)

3. Skill building.

Depending on the student, learning opportunities of specific techniques may be offered. (examples: Chasing & Repoussé, Anticlastic Forming, Keum Boo.)

4. Portfolio assistance.

At the end of the residency the awarded student will have the opportunity to have their finished work photographed for their portfolio.

5. Showing your work.

At the end of the residency the student will have the opportunity to exhibit his/her best work along side SilverWorks director, Blair Anderson.

What does studio service look like?

1. Maintenance.

Cleaning, changing pickle, running the tumbler, cutting solder, tool inspection, checking inventory, taking inventory, preparing stock orders, unpacking inventory, etc.

2. Managing Open Studio.

Open Studio at SilverWorks is a vibrant collaborative community. Being a part of it involves interaction either in discussion, critique, or encouragement.

  1. 3.Mounting a show.

Participate in the behind the scenes work that goes into mounting a gallery exhibit.

Exnihilo Art Center at SilverWorks Studio & Gallery will award access of the studio, its tools, resources and classes for a set period fee-free.