2016-2017 Exnihilo Jr Artists-In-Residence


Jr Artists-In-Residence:









Louis Kutyla

Age 15, born in Massachusetts but has lived most of his young life in the DC area, Louis comes from a creative family. Attracted to art, he decided upon a silversmithing class. It was clear after the fifth class that he had a gift with the torch. His main focus for his residency was fabrication and exploration of different techniques. He completed 20 pieces during his Exnihilo residency at SilverWorks.


After breaking my leg this past fall, the boredom of crutches got the best of me. I began searching for something to do and ended up taking introductory classes at SilverWorks. Who knew that breaking my leg would help me discover my passion for silversmithing? In the months that have followed, I have created the jewelry collection that you see as part of this show.

The body of work in this show represents an experimental phase that marks the beginning of my journey as a silversmith. These pieces explore an array of techniques from casting to forging to piercing to hollow form construction. Many of the pieces draw inspiration from natural forms, which are often combined with contrasting architectural lines and angles. This, I believe, is a reflection of my city upbringing and my love of nature.

See the collection.

About Louis’s Residency at SilverWorks

Metalsmithing Component:

  1. Lost Wax Casting

  2. Fabrication

  3. Classes Louis attended:

    Lost Wax Casting


    Sand Casting

Studio Component:

  1. Studio maintenance

  2. Open studio management

  3. Jewelry photography

  4. Exhibition installation


Louis installing vinyl letters for the exhibition.

“Through a Window”, Sterling Silver, Window Screen.

Preparing and pricing the body of work.

Photographing the work.

With the torch.