2017-2018 Exnihilo Jr Artists-In-Residence


Jr Artists-In-Residence:









Louis Kutyla

Continuing his Exnihilo Artist residency at SilverWorks, Louis continued to expand the boundaries of smithing exploring more techniques and creating more concept works like “Freeze”, and “The Pill”.  “The Freeze”, was awarded the prestigious National Scholastic Art Award Gold Medal, 2018. Mr Kutyla’s residency culminates into acceptance into Pratt and Tyler Institute Of Art. 


Louis’s Statement about Freeze:

The piece was made in reaction to the 2015 shooting by police of Walter Scott, an unarmed black man. It consists of two main parts a collar that closes around the wearer’s neck and a wire matrix which suspends 5 porcelain discs on the wearer’s torso. The discs have been shot through from the back leaving exit wounds in the front. These discs can be moved around the wearer’s body to map  the exit wounds on Walter Scott.

I recognize that some people might say it's not my place as a white teenager to make a piece in reaction to the shooting of a black man by police. There is a valid criticism to be made that I lack a certain perspective and that I am speaking for a group I am not part of.  I was challenged by these arguments as I made this piece and, quite honestly I continue to struggle with the implications of putting this piece out there publicly.

I also think it’s important to speak when you see injustice anywhere. I hope that at the very least this piece contributes to the very difficult conversations currently going on in our country about race and gun violence.

About Louis’s Continued Residency at SilverWorks

Metalsmithing Component:

• Extended studio time with more advance tools, techniques and projects.

Studio Component:

  1. Studio maintenance

  2. Open studio management

  3. Jewelry photography

  4. Exhibition de-installation

  5. Studio Assistant

  6. Workshop Instructor

“Freeze”, The shooting of Walter Scott. Sterling Silver, Porcelain

Preparing the model for photographing “Freeze.