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1. Select a bezel wire or cut sheet an appropriate height for your stone. Aneal wire.






flat nosed pliers

3. Cut with shears being careful not to overcut making your wire too short.

2. Wrap wire tightly around stone, overlap and mark desired length with pencil.

4. Position on solder block with solder snippit underneath. (Solder will flow up the seam). Make sure the ends meet tightly.

7. Fit around stone. It should be a snug fit, but you should still be able to push the stone through. If the shape springs back when you remove the stone manipulate it until the stone just drops right in

11. Heat until the solder flows all the way around. (you will see it shimmer... whoopee!)

8. Put on top of a 26g flat annealed sheet. No daylight rule applies!

5. Flux solder and seam.

6. Heat until solder flows. Careful, this gauge heats up fast! Quench.

9. Flux.

10. Add solder snippits to inside, on the flat sheet touching the wall.

12. Check your seam and your fit. Do not shove the stone in yet... it might get stuck!

13. Now you can trim it with shears, or saw.  This can now be added to a design...


Cabochon stone

30 gauge sheet for bezel “wire”.

26 gauge sheet for back



Don’t trim, the back can be used as the design by drawing, sawing, and finishing with a bail.