What SilverWorks does...

  1. 1. I and my instructors and assistants are all fully vaccinated.

  2. 2. I have a touchless payment system via Square.

  3. 3. I endeavor to keep tools on a rotation that allows them to be cleaned.

What students must do...

  1. 1.Be vaccinated.

  2. 2.Show proof of vaccination at first class.

  3. 3.Wear a mask when in Open Studio 2*

* during a class will be based on the instructor

What SilverWorks is required to do by the NPS

  1. 1.Be fully vaccinated.

  2. 2.Follow the county’s requirements for wearing a mask.

safety at SilverWorks

I care about your health and safety. So, like so many businesses that have opened back up I have adopted a few precautions in my studios.

As a fully functional silversmithing studio there are a few things we abide by to keep your safety a priority. Things I do, and things we require students to do.  Because we work with a torch (play with fire) and use tools and chemicals there are a few “studio rules”.

  1. 1.If you have long hair it needs to be pulled back.

  2. 2.Attire: No floppy scarves or shawls.

  3. 3.Attire: Cotton is best. (find that old shirt that has holes in it)

  4. 4.Attire: Only closed toe shoes. No sandals or flip flops

  5. 5.Food cannot be eaten in the studio but feel free to have your snack in our lobby. Beverages are allowed in the studio.

  6. 6.Goggles are provided for soldering and polishing.

  7. 7.Follow good torch behavior (you will learn these in class).

Safety at SilverWorks

SilverWorks Covid-19 Precautions

Due to the nature of my classes and the size of my studios it is difficult to maintain social distancing at 6 feet. Many of the skills have to be witnessed close up. However student stations are defined.