SilverWorks Studio 2: hot metal

Piercing (sawing)

What is “piercing”?

Piercing is the act of sawing metal using a jeweler’s saw.

How do you put a saw blade into a basic saw frame?

Put one end of the blade in the bottom of the handle between the two plates. Tighten the thumb screw. Slide the top part of the blade into the top two plates. Lean the frame into the bench to create tension. While tense, tighten the top thumb screw. Blade should have no slack.

Blade is directional. Teeth should be pointing down.

How to saw:

Use a bench pin to support the metal. (show proper position and poor position)

Drag the saw at an angle into the metal until it “bites”.

Once it “bites”, position the blade straight up and down (not an angle).

With a gentle up and down motion make your cut.

TIP: Wax or oil the blade with BUR LIFE.

For greatest success:

Hold the handle gently when sawing (like you are playing the violin).

Don’t push forward.

Let the blade do the work.

Long slow strokes. (Short, strokes will dull the blade in a single spot.)

Right handed: Saw counter clockwise around your shape.

Left handed: Saw clockwise around your shape. 

GOOD PRACTICE: Tight blade, light touch, long strokes = success