Silver Passport Workshops


An innovative technique that uses the natural properties of the metal to create shape and texture. Primarily a type of forging, Fold Forming creates different types of “folds” to achieve these shapes. The process involves a back and forth of heating and forging. Each type of fold has a distinct look.

What we will cover in three hours:

    The principles behind fold forming

    The steps to produce various fold styles


What you will walk away with:

    Practice tiles with various folds





        A completed pair of silver “leaf” earrings using a augmented Line Fold.

fold forming

Come into the studio for your Silver Passport and keep a log of all that you have accomplished in your artistic journey!

fold forming

The Workshops:

  1. Etching (etched panel for future creations)

  2. Chasing/Repoussé (pendant)

  3. Metal inlay (inlayed panel for future creations)

  4. Textures w/Flexi Shaft (periodic table of textures)

  5. Keum Boo (24k gold gilding)

  6. It’s Riveting! (cold connections)

  7. The Chain (three chain samples)

  8. The Art Of The Saw (precision sawed piece)

  9. Charcoal Casting

  10. Fold Forming (sample tiles of the technique)

  11. Findings (hooks, toggles, earwires, pin backs)

  12. Married Metals

  13. Patinas

  14. Perfect Polishing

  15. Hinges

  16. Flush Setting Faceted Stones

  17. Painting With Fire NEW!