2015-2016 Exnihilo Adult Artists-In-Residence


Anya Pinchuk

Mid Career Artist

(languages: Russian, English)


Anya Pinchuk was born and raised in Russia.

She came to the USA to study accounting, but took a jewelry making class and instead of getting her MBA, received MFA in Jewelry Design and Metalsmithing.

She taught all levels of Jewelry Design at the Corcoran College of Art+Design in Washington, DC for nine years. During her teaching career she also developed a thriving career as an artist and a designer. Her work has been exhibited in Europe, Asia, Australia, South America,

and the US, published in national and foreign books and magazines, and has won numerous awards. Her work is represented by galleries in the USA, Switzerland, and Korea.

She also has an extensive commercial jewelry design experience. She worked as a Principal Designer at Lund Trading 2008-2011. During that time she was the designer of a high-end jewelry line Christa Brook, www.christabrook.com and Novo Beads line. www.novobeads.com


Mathematics, especially geometry, was always one of my favorite subjects.  I am fascinated by the process of problem solving, drawing geometric shapes, thinking about the correlation between two-dimensional and three-dimensional properties. I associate the processes involved in conception and execution of a piece of jewelry with the process of solving a geometrical problem. I also find beauty in more organic forms, such as relief and topography. Organic surfaces interest me from a mathematical point of view. I try to imagine them covered by a grid and translated into geometry.

My work is dominated by structure and abstraction. I try to create  illusion of a solid surface by using positive and negative spaces, light and shadows, and transparency. In my work I use my knowledge of geometry to create three-dimensional volumetric forms using planes, juxtaposing organic silhouettes and geometric shapes, structure, and patterns. I use repetition as a principle: in the overall appearance (the patterns that I create) as well as in the constructing process (multiple soldering). The pieces are a combination of simplicity (of a shape, line, and form) and complexity (of a pattern, surface, and process) in each piece. Geometric and organic qualities, squares and circles, symmetry and asymmetry, plainness and intricacy, limits and infinity, solidity and transparency coexist in my work.

Anya Pinchuk



2013             FRIENDS OF CARLOTTA Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland

2012        FRIENDS OF CARLOTTA Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland

                    JEWELERSWERK GALLERY, Washington, DC

2011           FRIENDS OF CARLOTTA Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland

        MULTIPLES. Heidi Lowe Gallery, Rehoboth, DE

2010        INTERNATIONAL JEWELRY DESIGN EXHIBITION Botanical Gardens, Medellin, Colombia.

                     BROOCHING THE SUBJECT: One of a kind. Ogden Museum of Southern Art,

                     New Orleans, LA

2009        FRIENDS OF CARLOTTA Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland

        JEWELERSWERK GALLERY, Washington, DC

        DECORATIVE RESURGENCE. Rowan University, NJ

        JEWELRY IN MOTION. Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, PA

        BEND, MOLD, CUT, JOIN: Small Works in Metal. Delaware Center for the

                     Contemporary Arts, Wilmington, DE

        StuFF. Sub Octo Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

        WHIM-WHAM. Studio 4903, Washington, DC

2008        MULTIPLES. Heidi Lowe Gallery, Rehoboth, DE

2007        SMITHSONIAN CRAFT SHOW, Washington, DC

        JEWELERSWERK GALLERY, Washington, DC

2006        SCHMUCK 2006, Special Jewellery Show International Trade Fair, Munich,Germany


2005        The Chongju International Craft Biennale, Chongiu City, Korea

                     ITAMI International Craft Exhibition, Itami, Japan

                    .925 + Ingenuity = Art Jewelry, The Society of Arts and Crafts, Boston

        SOFA Palm Beach, Charon Kransen Arts, New York

2004        SOFA Chicago, Charon Kransen Arts, New York

        Sculpture, The South Australian Museum, Adelaide, Australia

        200 RINGS , Velvet da Vinci, San Francisco, California

        SURVEY OF CONTEMPORARY JEWELRY, Mindscape Adornments, Evanston, Illinois

        SOFA New York, Charon Kransen Arts, New York

        EXHIBITION IN PRINT, Metalsmith Magazine

        GALLERY M, Cleveland, Ohio

        JEWELRY WITH PURPOSE, www.postpicasso.com


                    AND SLIDE SHOW S. Petersburg, Florida

Anya at Exnihilo residency  exhibit opening, Ex Post Facto Metallicus, July 3, 2015.

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