2018-2019 Exnihilo Adult Artists-In-Residence


Noha Nader

Emerging Artist


I consider myself an Emerging Artist. I have always loved art! Since childhood, I would spend hours working with my hands to create something that I like, when I was in the scouts I would also bring in art into our activities. I am also a painter, did some sculpture, and occasions cards. So, when it came down to choosing what to study after high school, it was obvious to me, I went to the school of fine arts and studied interior architecture.

As an interior architecture graduate with a fine arts background, I had the chance to apply two of my favorite things art and creativity, with design and engineering, like I said, I like to create things. With over 10 years of experience in hotel and residential interior architecture projects, designing interior spaces, supervision, coordination, and project implementation I had learned a great deal. It helped me shape and develop ideas in my head. It also helped me being organized and as much as possible plan ahead. In short, I can put things together, and they work!

Although my career in interior architecture was very rewarding, I had the urge inside of me to turn in my pencil and compass and pick up the hammer and torch. And this brought me jewelry design.


My designs typically have a story behind them. Perhaps, since I was born in Egypt and was surrounded by ancient cultures and history,  I had a constant stream of inspiration and curiosity.

Also, being an interior architect, immersed in geometric shapes, aesthetics, three dimensional forms, shadows, and textures, oriented my mind to naturally reflect on how objects need to come together to form something greater.  Although my career as an interior architect was satisfying, I felt an urge inside me to turn away from my compass and pencil and pick up the hammer and torch to become a jewelry designer.

I like to begin by sketching a conceptual design, then selecting the material, and  finally letting the process unfold. Other times, I reverse this process and allow the material to guide me.  In both cases, I am driven by instinct.

The greatest reward I get from making jewelry is the positive energy when someone finds a piece that helps express who they are, or how they feel.

Each piece that is enjoyed inspires me to create more and more.

Noha Nader

Exnihilo Residency Show 2019

Pleiades Art Jewelry Show, Strathmore, 2019

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Noha Nader