2015-2016 Exnihilo Adult Artists-In-Residence


Heather Schramm

Emerging Artist


Heather Schramm is an archaeologist and artist.

I grew up Southern Maryland and moved with my family to Western Maryland when I was in 10th grade. During my college career, I transferred from Montgomery College in Maryland to Coastal Carolina University in Conway, South Carolina in 2012. While at Coastal Carolina, I found the wonderful thing that is art and eventually fell in love with silver/metalsmithing. My work is largely influenced by events, experiences, and memories that have stuck with me over time.


I have been inspired by various life experiences while making this body of work. For the most part this body of work has been made in chronological order according to different events and or life experience’s.  ‘An Archaeologists Trophy: Trowel’ signifies my childhood dream to become an archaeologist, ‘Warming Spirits’ signifies the importance of the cocoa bean in the creation of one of my favorite beverages to this day, and finally, ‘The Beacon: Calling Me Home’ represents my time in South Carolina and how it is a constant reminder that home will always be there. My pieces tend to be larger and lean towards the sculptural side of the scale. I love to incorporate the technique of piercing into my designs whenever it is appropriate and I love forging!

Heather Schramm

Kai assisting Heather on “The Beacon”

Heather discussing “The Beacon” at Exnihilo residency  exhibit opening, Ex Post Facto Metallicus, July 3, 2015.

“Warming Spirits”, Forged Copper, Sterling Silver Chased Cocoa Bean.

Heather assembling “The Beacon”.

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