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What is open studio?

A fully equipped silversmithing studio, SilverWorks is the full time studio of artist-in-residence, Blair Anderson. It is where she works and makes her art and if you have taken a class she has “opened” it up for you to use to help you continue in your artistic journey. Think of it as your new playground.

Who is eligible for open studio?

Anyone who has taken a SilverWorks class, workshop, or Silver Saturday is eligible to use the studio. Unlike other studios you do not have to be currently enrolled to use the space. Eligibility lasts six months from when you took your last class.

What does it cost?

Open studio time at SilverWorks is $10 per hour. Copper Enameling Studio is $12.

Do I have to bring my own tools?

No, all tools are provided.

Do I bring my own supplies?

Silver, Copper, Findings, and Stones are available for purchase at SilverWorks but you are welcome to bring your own supplies purchased elsewhere.

How do I book studio time?

Reserve your time online here. Only four spaces are available at a time.

  1. Open Studio Rules

  2. 1. Be considerate of your fellow artists.

  3. We love the spirit of collaboration but be sensitive to those who prefer not to chat while working.

  4. 2. Take care of the tools.

  5. Each station has a set of hand tools and a bench pin. The person after you will thank you for keeping things nice. Remember: Always dry your work from quench to anvil... steel and water do not mix. And, take care not to hit steel on steel... always have your silver piece in between. The Don’t get a speeding ticket!... The Flexi-shaft should never be run at full speed.

  6. 3. Safety attire:

  7. Closed toed shoes, eyewear or goggles, long hair pulled back, and no loose fitting scarves. 

  8. 4. Book your time in advance. Let us know if you need to cancel.

  9. This avoids overload of the space and allows you to know what space is available.

  10. 5. Clean up after yourself.

  11. Replace hand tools in your station drawer. Put other tools and resources back in their proper place.

  12. 6. Be aware of the public.

  13. SilverWorks is open to the public and Glen Echo is a national park. The public want to interact with the artists. Although we make folks aware that “the artists are working” it is good to be open to a little “distraction” now and then.

  14. 7. Keep track of your time and resources.

  15. We have a handy form to do this. It is an honor system thing... you keep track and pay at the end of your session.

  16. 8. About the resources...

  17. We post prices on a daily basis due to market fluctuation. Wire is sold by inch and by foot. Sheet is by weight. Check the daily chart for those multipliers.

  18. 9. More about resources...

  19. When cutting sheet it is proper studio “etiquette” to cut a full strip (6 “ wide) off of a new sheet using the bench shear. Then you can cut a smaller square from that and put the unwanted portions back. Do not cut triangles off of new sheets as this creates “scrap”. Everyone generates their own scrap, and SilverWorks can not afford to pay for yours;-). And, never, never cut a disc out of a full sheet and put that sheet back (with a hole in it) Very very bad.

Studio Form

cut strip with big bench shear

then cut your desired portion with shears

weigh your portion and put the other one back

you can now do whatever you want to your piece of silver!

BOOK YOUR TIME online here.