Exnihilo Adult Artists Residency Programs



Emerging-to-established artists working in the jewelry/metal arts, fabrication, casting, and enameling.

Length of Residency
1, 3 or 6 months of uninterrupted, self- directed work time for selected artists per year. Or extended based on merit.

What’s Provided

• Unlimited studio time in SilverWorks Studio 2.

  1. An exhibition of the artist’s work at the end of the residency.

  2. Payment for supervising open studio (optional)

What’s Expected

  1. The artist will complete a body of work for an exhibition

  2. The artist will be available to supervise open studio hours for SilverWorks students.

Application process:

Application Fee: $40

Requirements: 10 images, a resume , 3 references, and a brief description of what the artist would like to accomplish while at Exnihilo

Apply by inquiry.

Exnihilo Artist-in-Residence program at SilverWorks provides the selected artist unlimited studio access to a fully equipped metal arts studio. With a residency term from 3-6 months or extended, the artist will complete a body of work to be exhibited at the end of their term.

Adult Artists-In-Residence


Anya Pinchuk

Heather Schramm

Robert Dane Shaw



Noha Nader